Speculative Realms : Out of Print

The paperback and digital versions of this book are now out of print and no longer available for purchase.


2nd Edition of Ebook Released

Due to a minor problem at Smashwords we have been forced to withdraw the first edition of the ebook. This, however, is not all bad news as it has given us the opportunity to revise and update the digital version. A new ‘clickable’ table of contents has been added and a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ cleaning up has been done.

The second edition was released today. It has a new ISBN number and a new price of only $0.99. This is not a discounted price. It will be the normal price from today onwards.

Find Out More About the Book


Speculative Realms Anthology coverSpeculative Realms:
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

edited by Sasha Beattie

If you want something badly enough, you will find the means to get it. Let demons, mages, technology and love show you the way.

A collection of fantasy, science fiction and horror stories.

Book Details:

ISBN: 978-1-4092-1943-9 (pbk); 978-1-4657-5707-4 (2nd ed. ebook); 978-1-4523-0501-1 (3rd ed. ebook)
Published on: July 2008 (pbk), out-of-print January 2013; January 2010 (1st ed. ebook); September 2011 (2nd ed. ebook); January 2013 (3rd ed. ebook) by Kayelle Press
RRP (US Dollars): Paperback (out-of-print); $3.99 for Ebook
Pages: 192
Formats: Paperback (out-of-print) and Ebook
Distributors: Amazon for Kindle (mobi) version only; Smashwords for ebook versions (for Kindle, iPhone, Sony and other ereaders); Kayelle Press for epub, mobi and pdf versions.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Sasha Beattie
Of Bones and Blades by Jeff Parish
Summer of the Widows by Sherry D. Ramsey
Brittle Bones by Lorne Dixon
The Gun by Ian Whates
KARMA by Sasha Beattie
The Widower’s Tale by Davin Ireland
Where Strength Lies by Karen Lee Field
KanjiKiss by Lancer Kind
Shouting at the Stone by TW Williams
Second Chance by David Meadows
To Hell and Back by Rob Rosen
The Guardian by Lyall Henderson
Children of Ba-Seku by Christopher Donahue
About the Authors

Available from:

Buy from Kayelle Press Buy from Amazon Buy from Smashwords iBookstore



Want to Know More?

Read a short blurb for each story on The Stories page.
Find out more about the authors and artist and where to find them on the internet on the The Authors/Artist page.
For copyright details go to our Copyright notice.

Purchase Anthology at Barnes & Noble

The anthology is now available as a downloadable ebook from Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, they only provide this service to US addresses only. For those of you who live in the US and prefer B&N to other online bookstores, this is your opportunity to grab a copy of the book.

What are you waiting for? You could start reading the anthology in a few minutes. That’s the beauty of ebooks! 😀

And just so you know, the download is compatible with nook and B&N eReaders too.

New Theme and Free eBook

WordPress has provided a lot of new themes for their blogs and, from what I can see, they are cleaner coded than the previous ones available. Because of this, the theme on this website has been changed and it already looks a lot neater than before.


By using coupon code GR32P you can download the ebook version of the anthology at Smashwords for free. The offer expires on 18 June 2010.

Read an E-Book Week

This week – 7th to 13th March – is Read an E-Book Week. Not sure what an ebook is? Then go to the Read an E-Book Week website and find out all about what they are, how you can read them and lots more information about ebooks and future reading possibilities.

To celebrate ebook week, one of our anthology authors, Sherry D. Ramsey, is offering her short story, “Summer of the Widows”, for free in .pdf and .html formats from her website.

Also, effective immediately, you can download the anthology from Smashwords, for this week only, for the special price of $1.49 using the coupon code RAE25…let’s make that $1.00 using coupon code RAE50 instead.

With all the special offers being offered this week, I’m sure you’ll have loads of reading material to satisfy you for months. Happy reading!