Buy it from Goodreads

The anthology is now available from Goodreads. You’ll need to create an account if you haven’t already got one, but that’s easy to do and it’s free.

Buy now from Goodreads in epub format.


Apple iBookstore Joins Ranks

With the recent influx of good news regarding distribution channels finally taking on the anthology, here’s some more good news. The anthology is available for purchase through the Apple iBookstore, but…only through the Canadian, US, UK, German and French stores. It is NOT available, yet, through the Australian store. Negotiations are continuing and it is hoped this will be remedied soon.

While Australians are waiting patiently for their opportunity, the rest of the world will now be able to download the anthology straight to their iPhone and iTouch. It’s reported that the iPad can also receive downloads, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

There are plenty of reading apps to choose from, a majority of them are free, so do yourself a favour and install one today so that you can discover the glory of ebooks.

Purchase from Kobo

Kobo is an ebook retailer backed by Borders, Indigo Books and a couple of other companies. Users of the website can read on the web, download to their phone or download to their computer and load the files into their ebook readers. Kobo eReader is the name of their own reader which, of course, can also be used to read the anthology.

Users of the reader and subsequent website can now purchase and download the anthology for their own enjoyment. You don’t have to have the reader to purchase a download.

How exciting! Another avenue to get the anthology is now available to everyone.

Purchase Anthology at Barnes & Noble

The anthology is now available as a downloadable ebook from Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, they only provide this service to US addresses only. For those of you who live in the US and prefer B&N to other online bookstores, this is your opportunity to grab a copy of the book.

What are you waiting for? You could start reading the anthology in a few minutes. That’s the beauty of ebooks! 😀

And just so you know, the download is compatible with nook and B&N eReaders too.